Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes ★★★½

For the many ways that filmmakers have found to put moving through time into their stories, there’s always something new to explore when time gets fluid. All it takes is the right amount of inspiration, a willingness to set down (and then sometimes ignores) rules about how it all works, and a hook. You don’t need to have the budget or big stars of Avengers: Endgame if you have the right combination of ideas. If that hasn’t been obvious before, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes proves it. Junta Yamaguchi’s new Japanese-language film, which has its North American premieres at Fantasia International Film Festival, does a heck of a lot with little more than its small cast, an iPhone, a couple of TVs and a whip-smart high-concept script from Makoto Ueda.

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