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  • Violence Voyager

    Violence Voyager


    Something between Totoro and Wrong Turn. Pure and insane joy.

  • Peninsula



    Let's firstly state that I'm not a big fan of Train to f****** Busan. Let's say I'm sure it's a highly overrated zombie-drama-soupopera. Sorry.
    And by knowing this, hey, I don't understand the critics to Peninsula. It's nothing new, it's kind of a copy of Mad Max 3 (without Tina Turner :( ), it's still a soup opera and it relies only on two (kind of great) car chase scenes. Nothing else, nothing different, nothing more than the first one.…

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  • Vicious Fun

    Vicious Fun


    There's something cool about seeing nerds (hey, in an affectionate way) failing and keep failing, even though they could become the hero of the film. Real life to its greatest.
    Vicious Fun is a movie-introspective movie, which tries to hide its hero-nerdiness behind some plot about serial killers. And it's fresh, and it's fun, and it's slightly vicious.

  • Archenemy



    Archenemy has a great idea, is smart, is funny, is aesthetically amusing, and it has a pretty nice cast. And one can easily feel the crew was enthusiast about making it.
    And this is maybe the problem, because enthusiasm is great but it can also make us blind and make a neat movie become an average one because no one thought an extra check of the plot or the editing were needed.
    It's a pity because in the end I'm just checking what it could have been and not what it is: a really enjoyable crazy introspective-hero-action-drama-movie.