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  • Diary of a Chambermaid

    Diary of a Chambermaid


    By far the least surrealist Luis Buñuel film I've ever seen. Diary of a Chambermaid often gets bogged down by Buñuel's political commentary (we get it, you hate Fascism). I will say that the final scene was quite eerie considering the events in Charlottesville this past week. The film also hints at the director's fascination with fetishes and kinky sex, a motif he would finish perfecting three years later with Belle de Jour. Every character either wants to sleep with…

  • The Killers

    The Killers


    Overuse of flashbacks aside, The Killers is killer fun (pardon the pun). In an unbelievable big-screen debut, Burt Lancaster is aces as the archetype film noir antihero. Ava Gardner meanwhile is 💘💘💘. What a dame!

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  • Blow-Up



    Without a doubt one of the greatest films in the history of the medium. A perfect and very specific snapshot of a city, its residents and the counterculture they created. Oh, there's also a murder plot (not that it matters much overall). Just sit back and enjoy the ride. So fucking groovy, man.

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    Like a fever-induced nightmare slowly creeping into one's consciousness, Under the Skin stays in your head and doesn't ever leave. Jonathan Glazer's undisputed masterpiece is not just utterly sumptuous on a visual level but thematically as well. Intricately using the female gaze better than any other film in recent memory, it unpacks a pandora's box of ideas in relation to humanity and gender roles. Glazer subverts whatever assumptions we might have about the female experience and sets them loose in the pitch-black Scottish roads.