Seberg ★★★

This is not the disaster that most critics claimed it was. Going through some reviews, it seems that people are upset that the film isn't solely about Jean Seberg and focuses a little too much on the FBI agent that is hired to spy on her. This is admittedly annoying at first but from a narrative perspective it makes sense. We eventually get to see how the horrible things that were being done to Seberg affect both their home lives. It's obvious that the FBI agent's humane gesture towards Seberg at the end of the film never actually happened but so what? Most biopics make shit up for dramatic purposes. If you want a more accurate account of Seberg's political activities and her eventual downfall, just listen to the fantastic season of "You Must Remember This" that focuses on Seberg and Jane Fonda. But if you're at all interested in a semi-fictional film about Seberg and the FBI's outrageous persecution of black activists & their allies, then I highly recommend this film. Kristen Stewart and Jack O'Connell are both fantastic and I just loved all the showbiz shade thrown at Otto Preminger in the first half of the film. That man was a very talented director but also a misogynist monster.

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