The Return of Captain Invincible ★★★★

Lee and Arkin star in a high-concept superhero camp film that has the powers of Ozploitation as its backdrop.

The film revels in its satire while still maintaining an interesting story. The characters all make the most of their archetypes and it even makes fun of its own special effects. The singing sequences are often unexpected, sometimes a little dull, but whenever Lee is involved it hits the level of cinema magic. The set pieces are often amazing with great payoffs, as is Lee’s ridiculous master plan that thankfully never takes over from the other elements of the film.

The plot also has some clever details by giving Captain America a fleshed out back story that ends with a House Un-American Activities Committee hearing. The use of a super brain is also a great plot device as is his relationship to the President. It even mixes in the settings of Australia and America with ease.

The Reverence: An unexpected reveal of Zapped proportions beats out extended use of the word “bullshit”, an evil midget in a black VW, an alien monkey, attack of the vacuums, a circular eating gag, sexual escapes at speed 2X, thinking a skirt is appropriate attire for riding on Captain Invincible, and not being Jewish.