Cruella ★★★

Perhaps I expected a much more dramatic and cruel movie. Then I remembered that its target audience is, mostly, children, so I tried to put aside the sense of things and enjoy. While it was difficult not to think about the logic of the story, it was still a pleasant experience.

Emma Stone couldn't be more charismatic; however, that is the problem with the film. We're talking about a dreadful villain, and sympathizing with a villain is not very ideal. That, then, is the problem with making villains protagonists.

Despite all this, Cruella works fine. Everything is very beautiful and entertaining. The costumes and makeup are wonderful. However, the production design was more of the same: classically beautiful, but I kept hoping for more stunning locations and more gothic interior design that would play more with the Dalmatian theme. Speaking of Dalmatians, I didn't like that they didn't have such a leading role.

Still, Cruella was fine, and it was certainly a good choice for a cold night.