Boyz n the Hood ★★★★★

Extremely hard hitting. Before watching this I knew absolutely nothing about Singleton's classic 1991 crime film Boyz n the Hood but this was an incredible ride. What is sad is that the realities that play out in this film will still happen in these ghettos hundreds of years from now. Having a father figure at the end of the day is what stops a boy becoming another death figure but society has been carved out for any black African American so that they have kids extremely early, slang drugs to make ends meet, get racially abused by police and kill other young men over absolutely nothing. This will never change because these continuous occurrences that happen in the lives of these people don't effect the rich who can make a difference. They have no recourses to break this constant cycle of birth, pain, death and as a result it doesn't pose any threat to the position of rich and powerful people in society and as a result the rich don't care, they aren't getting pushed out of their seats. Singleton RIP your legacy is felt throughout cinema with this and your multiple other films.

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