1917 ★★★

Agh, I don't know where to land on 1917. A large part of me wants to be cynical about it, to call it Oscar-bait and to deride the one-take concept that creates so many incredibly distracting problems for the film.

But then, yeah, it's a technical marvel, it looks amazing and despite the iffy screenplay and the one-take problems it's a film that has some pretty incredible moments that are scattered throughout the film. The ending in particular is really done and ramped up stress in me like not a lot of other films have managed lately.

What I'll say is that if you're on the fence about seeing it, see it now - because for me it's not a film that will hold anywhere near the same value on a small screen. A bit like Gravity I guess, which is funny because I was reminded of Cuaron's direction in Children of Men more than a few times while watching it.

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