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  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    "I told you guys I have really big lungs" - Greg,

    - 2022 Ranked: boxd.it/eWNQo

    Deal with it gen Z... you're literally all like this! LITERALLY!!!!

    Everything bad you read about this film will be correct and I can't bring myself to care. Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is consistently fun and engaging with a tone that's like a mashup of Ready or Not and Spring Breakers. The comedy works and while it's a very lighthearted horror, the suspense and thrills are…

  • Prey



    "I don't think we're hunting here...I think it's hunting us" - Naru,

    - 2022 Ranked: boxd.it/eWNQo
    - Predator Ranked: boxd.it/23lxA

    For God's sake, will people start listening to women?

    Overall, I really liked this. Predator is a franchise ripe for prequels and this is a creative setting, and premise, different from other films in the collection. I appreciated the pacing and I loved how the whole film kept me engaged with the consistent new wrinkles in the story and the…

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  • Dealt



    "If you say he's blind.... hm.... I'll take that into consideration" - Spectator,

    How the fuck does he do that?

    An interesting film that attempts, somewhat successfully, to be about card tricks but ends up being more about a man's quest to not let his blindness impact the way he experiences the world. The documentary effectively deals with issues related to family and personal ambition. It's short and I was never bored. I'm not sure there is enough here to…

  • 365 Days: This Day

    365 Days: This Day


    "Let's run away from all this mess" - Massimo Torricelli,

    - "Todd 10,000" Scavenger Hunt: boxd.it/hBpLa
    Clue #2: Watch a film rated below 2.8 on letterboxd.

    If you had told me when I was 13 that some day I'd be this bored by a film with this much sex and violence I wouldn't believe you.

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