Angel's Egg ★★★★★

"You have to break an egg to know what is inside" - man,

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This movie features the most blood-curdling scream in film history... yeah I said it.

In Angel's Egg a young girl guards an egg while walking through a desolate dreamland. She encounters a second wanderer that she journeys with who challenges some of the aspects of her deadfaced, blind dedication to the protection of the egg. What ensues is a mostly silent film that I might watch 100 times over the rest of my life because it is amazing.

The animation in this film is among my favorite I have ever seen. I love that it is all hand drawn and when you combine it with the creepy score it creates a vibe that is right up my alley. Just animating the girl's hair must have been daunting. I love the way the water looks and basically everything about it. The score is haunting and plays a major role since two thirds of the film has no dialogue. This movies is a real master class in atmosphere and all three times I watched it I was taken to a different place for a little over an hour.

So, here is basically how I behaved the first time that I watched this film. I have summarized it into 3 quotes from me:

"OH MY GOD, what's happening to her face?" - Me, 1st act.
"She seems to be in a fish based sanctuary" - My wife, 2nd act.
"What's in the egg!!!!!!!!??????? WHAT?" Me, 3rd act.

The director has stated that he is not even sure what the film means and many have overreacted and taken that to mean that the film means nothing... which is incorrect but an easy excuse if you don't want to pay close attention to the film.

One thing that's a clear theme in the film is faith, or loss of faith, or the silliness of faith... anyway you want to frame that. The girl wanders the creepy dreamland protecting something that she doesn't know for sure exists. Her traveling companion is meant clearly to represent Jesus, or some messianic figure. His sword looks like a wooden cross and he has marks or a crucifixion. The girl's dreary eyes that just stare in response to challenge appear to be here blind faith. This is not to mean that the story of Noah's Ark plays a prominent role in the film.

I have come to realize that I really enjoy movies that leave it up to the audience to interpret some, or all of the meaning. If done with intention it turns the artistry of the film into a psychological test of what you see and what you exclude from the narrative. For example, if you miss the religious films what is it you see in the film and what does that say about your own life experiences. It's not for everyone but I really enjoyed it in this movie, which I truly enjoyed.

Recommended to fans of anime, weird stuff, and final fantasy.

P.S. This video helps with a potential interpretation of the film and I suggest it to those trying to understand Angel's Egg.

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