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This review may contain spoilers.

“I get emails from a raccoon so nothing sounds crazy anymore” -Natasha, 

Spoiler Edition/Second Watch: TONY AND NATASHA ARE DEAD!!!! Suck on that spoiler cops.

I'm probably going to watch one more time and then write about it as a movie, but here is some stuff I am processing.

(1) The scene with Iron Man and Nebula playing paper football is soooo fantastic. You are watching Nebula learn to care and enjoy herself. Nebula is one of the best arcs of the MCU.

(2) Both times that I have seen this film the loudest applause has been for when Cap catches Thor's hammer. Other applause breaks in both showings: Tom Holland shows up, the portals open and the heroes come back.

(3) So that scene where a guy talks about dating a guy and Captain America is cool with it... is that supposed to convince me that Cap is cool with gay people because I've know that for a while.

(4) I hate nitpicking stuff to death but one thing that has bothered me both times I've watched is that they would send the only two people with no advanced tech or gear (Black Widow and Hawkeye) to the one stone location that they have zero information about. It's all a little too forced toward the "emotional" scene which I didn't find especially emotional because Hawkeye and BW don't have the best chemistry. Imagine the tears if Captain America was who saw Natalia die.

(5) I really like that even in New Asgard, the cable company sucks. It's hard to relate to a god like Thor but dammit they did it. Oh, and everything with Thor is great.

(6) Hawkeye is going to have an interesting conversation with his wife now that she's back "so...when you died I turned into an international mass murderer and kind of lost my shit... by the way I'm still waiting for that hot dog with mustard."

(7) When Cap returned all the infinity stones did he run into Red Skull? If so, I bet that was super awkward.

(8) At the funeral, when Happy asks Tony's daughter what she wants to eat, that scene is adorable, but I wish there was an outtake where the girl said "I've always wanted to try shawarma."

(9) I didn't love having hybrid hulk the whole time. It's hysterical for that one part where the kids come up to get a picture, after that I found it a little tedious.

(10) Slightly older Cap finding slightly younger Cap to be a bit much is one of my favorite parts in the history of the MCU. Interesting to note that Captain knew that bringing up Bucky would be more likely to throw younger Steve off his game, than mentioning Peggy Carter. What I wouldn't have given to see Sebastian Stan in old man makeup holding hands with Chris Evans at the end.

This movie is great. Carry on!

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