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This review may contain spoilers.

"It's not about how much we lost. It's about how much we have left. We're the Avengers. We gotta finish this. You trust me?" - Iron Man,

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I hope I get to say something super witty right before I die.

Despite the fact that this franchise is apparently destroying the movie industry and might be responsible for climate change, I went to watch it one last time because I was tired of watching BTS videos and complaining about how dark that Game of Thrones episode was (too dark by the way). I watched this 3 times and it never quite made it to a 5-star movie for me, despite the fact that I love it. There are just some weird cuts and things that lack sense to a level that annoyed me but it's still wonderful and I'll probably watch it many more times.

I still haven't quite processed what this franchise managed to do and I have no idea what to expect in the future. In an increasingly competitive media market with thousands of ways to access information, we are becoming more and more isolated from each other, so the fact that I can talk to 75% of the people I know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and they will know what I mean is something in the States to which only the Super Bowl, Presidential elections, and a handful of other things can compare. I trust you Iron Man.

APPENDIX: How I Would Have Organized the Teams

So, in my prior review I mentioned that the subplot with Hawkeye and Black Widow fell flat for me and that it bothered me they sent the two most vulnerable members of the team (humans w/o any advanced armor or super impressive devices) to the one place they knew the least about. I said I would write my alternate idea. Let me know what you think:

So, I plan to move three members of the team, while trying to avoid disrupting the plot as much as possible. Many of my suggestions deal with hiding Hawkeye, whom I believe to be one of the least interesting characters, if not the least interesting, in MCU lore (War Machine is super boring as well). I don't mind Jeremy Renner in other stuff but I just don't think he's great as Hawkeye, I don't particularly need Hawkeye or care about his family, and I have never felt like he had great chemistry with Scarlet Johansson .

- Power Stone- Let Nebula and War Machine get it. Nebula is great in this and she and War Machine both have robotic parts so.... bonding. YAY!
- Reality Stone- Thor getting inspired by his mom while Rocket does the hard work (his M.O.) is funny and appropriate... no problems.
- Mind Stone- Cap gets it by subverting Hydra and fighting himself...fucking great!

(1) Time Stone- I send Ant-Man for it instead of Hulk. Nobody knows what to expect at Strange's place anyways so it doesn't matter who you send really, or it doesn't matter enough. Paul Rudd is funny and might make the scene with Ancient One pop a little bit more. Yes, Bruce Banner explains science to the Ancient One but who cares. Ant-man already adorably and incompetently pitched time travel to Iron Man, etc. so there is no reason that he can't cleverly stumble his way through the conversation with the Ancient One, which all hinges on saying Dr. Strange gave away the time stone anyways. Plus, it might be fun to see Ant-Man try to break in but the Ancient One can just tell he is there and fucks with him. DONE. I actually like this better.

(2) Soul Stone- I send Hulk with Black Widow. Banner and Black Widow never fully resolved their googly eyes from Ultron despite the fact that it is alluded to in Infinity Wars and Endgame.

- The Problem: In addition to thinking it doesn't make sense and isn't as impactful to send Hawkeye it also makes the film more predictable. Hawkeye's whole arc is about getting back to his family...they weren't going to kill him.

- How it would play out- With hulk and BW going you wouldn't know who is going to die. They have a long conversation where Hulk talks about how even the new hybrid form he has taken doesn't really satisfy him because he can never get back to normalcy. He tells BW how he wishes it could work out between them but never will and convinces her to let him be sacrificed. He jumps but can't be killed... he assumed the cosmic power of the soul stone would be able to end him... but nope. He begs BW to go back with him to find another way and she manages to sacrifice herself. Hybrid hulk wakes up in the pool of water... when he realizes what happens he goes full Hulk, destroying random stuff on the planet before he finally gets up just enough self-restraint to go back to save others.

I actually think this is better but that might just be my tastes.

(3) The Tesseract/Space Stone- I send Hawkeye with Cap and Iron Man. Remember that all I need to do to replace Ant-man is have these new three people also fail to get the Space Stone, because then Cap and Iron Man get it together anyway in 1970.

What I Lose: FIRST, I do lose Ant-man complimenting Captain America's ass which sets up a joke for later... this is easily fixed. Either Hawkeye compliments his ass in a bro-ish way OR after Iron Man makes fun of Captain America's ass he says something like "oh don't get so sensitive... it's America's ass." SECOND, Ant-man doesn't jump into 2012 Iron Man and cause the heart problem... who cares. That plan fails and is kind of dumb.

How it Plays Out- I don't know but Hawkeye would be able to pretend to be himself so I am sure there is some sort of easy hijinx that could be written where they fail again. Hawkeye gets sent back with the sceptor and we still get to see him be sad about Natasha.

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS: I know writing movies is hard so I'm not shitting on anyone here I just thought it would be fun to present a different story-line that I think improves the story of two of the stones without hurting the story for the third. Thoughts are welcome.

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