Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★½

"Merry Christmas" - no one in the film... it's not really a christmas film.

- 2019 Ranked:

It takes way too long for anything to happen in this film. A few thoughts:

(1) The script tries to be the film "Get Out," but for gender and it doesn't work very well because Get Out was well written with nuance and this kind of establishes one archetypal male as an enemy which just feels hackish. I wish they'd dug deeper into male sins.

(2) This has nothing to do with Christmas and it's called Black FUCKING Christmas. You could have done this at any time. No one talks about missing their family for Christmas, there's no gift exchange, just one Christmas song.

(3) The scares are weeeeeeaaak, even for PG-13 cinema. There was often laughter in the theater when a kill occurred because the killer was non-threatening and the jump scares were so ineffective. This film also reveals the killer far too early. The trailer

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