Boyhood ★★★½

"I just thought there'd be more" - Olivia,

- Scavenger Hunt 54 (Sept '19):
Task 18. Watch a movie where the protagonist rekindles their relationship with their dad (13/30 watched)

Wouldn't it be amazing if 2 hours and 45 minutes into this film, a Cloverfield monster popped up and ate the boy? That's my movie.

Boyhood follows a boy for 12 years, famously filming once a year and showing the actors grow in real life. You see the characters go through trials and tribulations of growing up. Yep... they keep getting older. I've been through the actual real life version of this 3 and half times now and I can tell you the extended version is much better, although exhausting.

I should start by saying that what this film accomplished is an astounding illustration of will. What I mean is that I'm far more impressed by the logistical mountains that had to be climbed to make this film work than I am by the quality of the actual film. There are elements of life in Boyhood that are painful. There is a scene where the son has fond memories
of a conversation with the dad and the dad doesn't remember it and I could identify with the weird pain that creates. Patricia Arquette is great in this although I'm not sure I would pick her as the Oscar winner for that year. This is a solid film with effective cinematography.

I just don't find this film to be as special, reflective, thought-provoking, etc. as it would seem most of film community does. I find the story-telling to be a little stilted, with strange transitions between elements of the film. The child dialogue is really bad at times, as is the acting. In fact, as a whole I found most of the dialogue to be annoyingly formulaic and reliant on cheap movie shorthand like alcohol=bad. There never is a point of tension for me to grab hold of and while I know that's part of the point, it doesn't work wonderfully for me as a film.

A recommend for sure. The movie is watchable and well made i Just don't find it to be the masterpiece some do.

P.S. When they are bowling and the dad rolls a strike, the little TV short they show for the strike is great. An alligator vomits a bowling pin dart onto a dart board for a bullseye... that's fucking art.

P.P.S. Just once can a male professor in a movie not be a horrible person?

P.P.P.S. Those kids making fun of Twilight can go fuck themselves.

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