Carol ★★★★★

"I release you" -Carol,

-Scavenger Hunt #44:
Clue 3. A movie featuring a gay woman

I avoided this movie because I knew it would depress me and make me all reflective, it did do that but now I'm free.

What I wouldn't give to be able to have watched this film when I was younger, around Therese's age and then again later at Carol's age. As someone approaching 40, with a child, I really enjoyed both characters but fully identified with Carol. I envy those of you that will experience it both ways.

What I most identified with in this film is that it addresses an aspect of life often ignored, the "unwinnable, no matter what, things are going to suck some or a lot no matter what" scenarios. You grow up and if you are a little different from what the culture can handle at that moment, the culture tells you to go fuck yourself and attempts to force you to be normal.

You make mistakes and impulsive decisions trying to defend yourself, and then sometimes you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome the damage done by some of those mistakes. You hope for a happy ending but one that is purely happy is often unlikely. As adults, often we have to choose between two lives, both of which will include pain and happiness and you have to go with your gut.

By the way, this film is amazing. It hits that sweet spot where high art is approachable, it's in what I call the Hitchcock Zone.

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