Carrie ★★★★★

"You're crazier than a son of a bitch you know that?" -Billy (John Travolta)

DAILY HORROR HUNT 3 (September 2018):
DAY FIFTEEN: "School is back in session in most places now so we are watching a movie that takes place in a school. "

Everyone is mean to Carrie, an awkward and sheltered high school girl, except for her highly affectionate gym teacher. Kids harass and abuse her, her mother imprisons her and abuses her psychologically. One day she gets asked to the prom by the cutest Peter Frampton fan in her school. What's going on? Is this real? She eventually goes to prom, it doesn't go well...FOR ANYONE EVER AGAIN.

I had avoided this film because I was worried it would be boring and only be about the ending. I was stupid. Brian De Palma can make reading a newspaper seem suspenseful. Sissy Spacek's performance is carved into my brain now. Full recommend.

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