Child's Play ★★★★

“This is for Tupac!” -Chucky

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If an AI eventually has the ability to snark back at anything I say with a literal recording of things I've said that make me look foolish, just count me out for the rest of humanity... I'm not interested.

This movie kicks ass if you're into seeing multiple takes on the Chucky mythology. When a struggling single mom gets her boy a discarded AI doll, the world begins to feel a little different. Social commentary on learning violence through media ensues and is great for traditional horror fans. All you others need not apply. I look forward to Audrey Plaza’s motherhood tour. These kids are great because you can identify with them a little bit but get to make up their personalities on your own. The kills are fun and unique to the series. The concept is creepy. Ever seen a puppet choke a cat? No? Well if you want to watch this film.

Recommended to all horror fans but "didn't scare me bro" dudes... you don't get an invite. Then again, I'm just some dude.

P.S. Han Solo is a stupid name for a doll and Mickey Rooney is s dumb name for a cat.

P.P.S. Spoilers but Chucky is not possessed in this one, he is an AI. Hollywood sucks because this shouldn't be a child's play movie. Framing it in terms of trauma to the doll is weird and out of place in this horror series. This would have been the best Black Mirror on it's own or perhaps even a good GASP non-reboot. Chucky has no goal he is attempting to achieve in this which is weird and unsettling. It is where most of my deductions take place.

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