Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy ★★½

"But Daddy" - Elijah Wood,

- Daily Horror Hunt #23 (22/31):

This is why nobody writes letters any more.

Elijah Wood visits his father that he has not seen since he is a baby and a bunch of bad stuff happens. The first 45 minutes of this film should be 30 minutes and that last 45 minutes of this film should be an hour. The pacing is really off and it makes the first half of the film feel a little boring, with some of the stuff being pointless. When the big reveal comes I was excited, but also annoyed that I had wasted so much time.

Elijah Wood plays a real toolish DJ and it suits him well, in fact the whole weird unsettling vibe of this film is complimented by Wood's empathetic creeper style of performance. The film just tries to be a bit too shocking and it doesn't always work. The gross stuff in the movie feels unnatural and unearned in the context of the film. That all considered, there is a solid enough structure that I stayed interested the whole time and enjoyed parts but as a whole this is just okay.

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