Creep ★★★★½

"Did it make you think I might kill you?" - Joseph, yes it did.

Hey, that's the gig economy, Aaron accepted payment.

In creep, a man accepts $1,000 to be a videographer for a day for a dude who is kind of weird in an unsettling way... I wish I could think of the right word to describe him. Anyways, the day goes kind of weird and things go bad. It's the best. This is my fourth watch so yeah it's good.

I think what makes this film so effective is the found footage quality because it allows Mark Duplass to talk directly to the camera so you regularly feel like he is trying to convince you to stay and to love him and to give him a chance. It's probably one of the more unsettling films of the decade. The film is also quite funny.

General horror recommend.

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