Dark Phoenix ★★★½

"That would be a very bad idea" - Jean Grey,

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I know the memo instructed us all to hate this before it even came out but I can't read so I messed up and thought it was entertaining and fine.

The X-men series in general is one of the better comic book franchises but with the exception of Logan's strength and the weakness of The Last Stand and Apocalypse I would describe the remaining films as varying shades of good/entertaining, including this one. I think people overreact to the relative deepness of a film like Days of Future's Past and under-react to some of the more interesting questions posed by a film like Dark Phoenix. What many people are describing as a boring film for me is just a film with more talking and reflection on characters we've seen for a while. I actually found it interesting to see Xavier change with success and realize his fallibility. I enjoy Cyclops far more in this iteration of X-men and Sophie Turner does an excellent job with the title role.

For me, the strength of these films is when they show mutants fighting mutants and the filmmakers negotiate how to have, say, a guy with laser eyes fight a beast man and shit like that and for me those action pieces are great. I really enjoyed the final fight scene. Nightcrawler is used effectively in this movie, along with Storm. No, they didn't create a whole scene for Quicksilver like in past films, I assume because they didn't want to do the same thing for a third straight film but he is still there and in a way I find fun.

I still like this movie and would recommend to people that like the X-men franchise but like who the fuck knows. Do what your heart tells you.

P.S. Extra half star because fuck all you haters

P.P.S. I want to give a special thanks to all of the people that buy tickets to go to these movies knowing they will hate them just so that they can write snarky one line mundane reviews to feel higher in the social hierarchy for a second. In reality, you sad souls are the reason that a genre which shouldn't get to have this many films does, meaning I get to see more of these.

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