Demon Haunt

"This is where your journey ends" - Ghost Hunter dude.

- Daily Horror Hunt #13 (July 2019):
Day 14: Watch any horror movie directed by Ted V. Mikels.

I wonder if there are friendly demons... where's all the movies about the good stuff demons do for the community?

Demon Haunt is a shot on video movie from Ted Mikels. It is designed to capitalize of of the Conjure Universe. It is horrible and boring and I'm not going to fully review it because it seems like effort was in fact made and the plot itself makes sense. Ted Mikels could be a script supervisor perhaps but lacks the chops to be a good filmmaker in my opinion.

1 star for the CGI demon, no don't watch this.

P.S. Random note. The sound in these movies is normally horrible but Demon Haunt can be clearly heard.

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