Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★★½

"We're the grown-ups now Randall" -President Janie Orlean,

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Leonardo DiCaprio is a really good comic actor.

What the fuck this is so much stuff I hate and somehow when you put it all together I love it. I think this film appeals to me because of my specific frustrations with the world, and my job as a sociology professor, which is the most doomer job ever. Like for those of you that hate this, I really do hear you... the film is condescending in so many ways, it's pessimistic... some of it is very obvious even though the execution is great. I don't think the film is especially smart, I just think it's really fucking good. It's cringe in a way that I especially love, it's big and obvious social commentary which I live for when a film it is fully committed to, and on the whole I think this is probably McKay's best direction (he's not really my guy and I don't think he's a great director).

Not really a McKay fan but this is fantastic.

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