Dora and the Lost City of Gold ★★★

This movie is fine but it's target demographic is 4-10 year olds that aren't scaredy cats.

10 Better Things to do Than Critically Evaluate this as an Adult:

(1) Criticize a foreign film without subtitles because you didn't understand the language.

(2) Criticize the local news for having a depressing ending.

(3) Tell a child that her taste in music sucks.

(4) Read a child psychology book

(5) Call Mr. Rogers a commie bastard.

(6) Talk to people in the real world.

(7) Watch and critically evaluate any movie intended for people over the age of eight.

(8) Look up the term "theory of mind" and really think about it for a good minute or so.

(9) Yell at someone who you disagree with... on their review!!!!! Doesn't that sound like fun?

(10) Take a nap

This is a movie for young children and it's fine. Not everything is meant to be given the scrutiny of a Bergman film.

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