Eight Legged Freaks ★★½

"You know how all women love Breakfast in Bed" - Mikey, the little boy

I am a sucker for a movie that spends a lot of time in a mall. I also believe that this film has the distinction of being the movie with the most important stun gun in the history of cinema. This is a satirical horror. So, there are real jump scares and some real emotion, but overall this is an exercise in showing tropes effectively

I must say that it is very unusual to see one of my childhood film crushes (Kari Wuhrer) being the mom of one of my adult movie crushes (ScarJo) in a film but I enjoyed both in Eight Legged Freaks.

Overall this is a textbook 2.5/5 but also a recommend. To me 2.5 means I don't regret watching it, may watch it again some day, and enjoyed it enough to tell other people to watch it as well if this is their thing.

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