Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga ★★

"Stupid Americans" - Lars,

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This isn't good... no it isn't... no you're wrong it isn't... no seriously I think you should just admit it isn't. I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.

If you say the name Simon in a different way it sounds like semen...that and other hysterical jokes in Will Ferrell's newest "movie." Has Will Ferrell gotten less funny or was he just never funny? I think he used to be very funny but geez his last couple of films have been joyless slogs. It almost feels like funny just used to come to him naturally and now he doesn't have the work ethic to improve. It just feels like they brought him in and said "be funny" and he couldn't. The whole film is a badly edited tonal mess with a few grin-worthy moments.

Don't get me wrong this is good compared to Holmes and Watson... it's just not actually good. Some of the songs are decently funny and some of the songs are actually pretty good. The parts that focus exclusively on the contest are kind of fun and I think it's possible that there is a more passable, shorter cut (this movies is 2 fucking hours long) of this movie but every time the funny is supposed to come the film goes limp. I will admit that this makes me want to watch the Eurovision song contest now so I guess it's a good advertisement?

I know that some people are going to think I'm being dramatic and call this harmless fun and let me be clear the film is in fact harmless if you don't care about film-making and are happy about the normalization of crap. No it's not the worst thing I've watched but geez you really have to be willing to settle for anything to find this actually good. Half of the fucking jokes rely on accents sounding funny for fucks sake. I just wanted more... even from a film I basically get for free.

Recommended to people who like to settle and teenage boys in the years 1995-2004.

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