F9 ★★★★

"As long as we obey the laws of physics we'll be fine" -Tej Parker,

- 2021 Ranked: boxd.it/aL2Ys
- Fast and Furious Ranked: boxd.it/511pa

It's an action soap opera and I'm still interested.

It feels like a Fast film and a parody of a Fast film at the same time. This is the most self-aware, the most ridiculous, and in my opinion the most funny in the franchise and this is why I ended up having a really enjoyable experience at the theater. I find it weird that some people are describing it as unrealistic or silly, as if those terms didn't apply to every other film in the franchise, but sometimes I forget that there are people that treat these like real films. To me , the films are just bi- or tri-annual monuments to excess and stupidity where realism isn't at the top of my priorities list. F9 not only reinvigorated my faith in family, it had some truly entertaining action scenes and tons of ridiculous twists. I could watch Vin Diesel's blank stare for hours and never get bored.

Be careful what you ask for... you just might get it.

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