Finding Nemo ★★★★

"Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go see a man about a wallaby"
- P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sidney,

- Scavenger Hunt 54:
Clue #30: "Watch a movie about a father's quest to find his physically disabled son lost at sea. if you know me you know" (10/30)

The scene where two fish are bullying a crab because they stole his shell is the most disturbing part of the film. Enough of your pro-bullying agenda Pixar.

So, I have legitimately seen this film dozens if not hundred(s) of times because it was the demo for a DVD/TV combo that we sold at an electronics store I worked at in the mid-oughts. The greatest compliment I can give it is that I am still not annoyed by the film although a few thoughts:

- How the hell did Dori live to be as old as she is?
- Why is bullying such a problem on the reef?
- Why doesn't that guy start his niece on freshwater fish? They are easier.
- What do those sharks eat instead of fish and are they sick?
- Why's the bird friendly to some fish and not to others? Not normal!
- Does going to see a man about a Wallaby mean going to poop?
- Where did the fish learn aboriginal rituals?
- Why don't the fish in the aquarium have Australian accents?
- Are all turtles surfers? I want a movie about one that doesn't want to be.
- How is news of Marlin's quest traveling faster than the EAC?
- Why doesn't the bird just help them all escape in his mouth?
- Why does this movie make my eyes leak multiple times?
- Why doesn't Marlin remarry? He's a catch (pun intended).
- Is there really such a thing as a "let's not die" card you can play?

I mean this is just stuff you can't past on watch 200 I'm sorry. This is a pretty great film and when it was done I went and gave my fish tank a big hug.

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