Freaks ★★★★½

"One of us, one of us, we accept her, we accept her" - The Freaks,

-Daily Horror Hunt #13 (July 2019):
Day 23: A horror feel that takes place in the circus.

If I could light a cigarette like that I'd still be smoking.

In Freaks, we spend a short period of time in a traveling circus/freak show as used to exist at the time of this film. Much of the film is seeing the different characters interact with each other and soaking up the atmosphere. These were real people who were performing at the time. You see some of the "pinheads," a man missing the bottom half of his body, a little person with no limbs, the bearded lady, conjoined twins, etc. The film is as respectfully done as this concept can be done and the film really pushes subtle boundaries between groups in a way that would make Peter Farrelly actually want to learn how to make a movie.

One of the little people, Hans, has 99 problems and women are all of them. The plot revolves around a trapeze artist (one of the "normal" people) marrying one of the little people for his money. When the freaks find out, the freaks come out in force. It's a mesmerizing and interesting film with a rapid pace (just over an hour). The performances are great for this era, the plot is interesting and the satire on inequality in society is real and earned and biting and artful.

I recommend to fans of cinema. Also, if you liked American Horror Story Freak Show it basically copied this whole film.

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