Gemini Man ★★½

"It's complicated but it's doable" - Danny,

If I had to fight myself I'm pretty sure both sides would just get tired and watch a movie together instead.

A hit man tries to quit the game but then ends up being paired against a clone of himself that is 25 years younger. It's the classic battle of youth versus experience as old Will Smith tries to figure out what the hell is going on. This movie is silly and doesn't work incredibly well yet there are parts of it I found charming and I didn't hate the experience of watching at all... in fact...I THINK I KIND OF LIKED THIS.

The dynamics of the film themselves are kind of interesting. The scipt is clearly not the top priority (the action and special effects are) and I'm okay with that as long as the film movies along at a decent pace and remains interesting. It's an action science fiction film with very direct dialogue that sometimes works and sometimes comes off as ridiculous. The film is played so straight though that the ridiculous parts kind of work as comic relief. Ang Lee does his best to add little moments of emotion to the characters and I think it's just enough to make the rest of the film enjoyable.

Action and special effects are what matters here and they are spectacular. The film looks really good. I hate de-aging technology but this honestly looks great... I am a bit shocked. The scenes where they are fighting each other look real and are probably the best of this type of technology being used... we've come a long way from split screen. The action scenes are very well articulated and executed creating a real exciting experience even in home viewing.

Recommended to fans of slower spy thrillers and action. This should have been an hour and forty minutes instead of two hours but it's fun and serviceable for genre fans.

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