Ghost in the Shell ★★★★½

"I guess once you start doubting, there's no end to it" -Batou,

The future is full of exposed boobs and cybog ennui.

Ghost in the Shell takes place in 2029 where most people are part technology and part human. The human essence in the machine is called the ghost. In this world, a special team of police hunts a being called the puppet master who is engaging in the hacking of minds. What follows is an animated neo-noir masterpiece

I went into this cold and found it to be a fucking delight but I will need to watch a few more times before I have fully processed anything. Oshii's animation is really hypnotizing. He manages to create a truly lived in world with characters that are fascinating to stare at and think about. I also find the themes of this film, which all revolve around what makes a human, to be well executed although a tiny bit repetitive at times. I look forward to a future watch.

Recommended to anyone. This is a great animated mystery.