Halloween ★★½

"Tomorrow is too late... evil is here" -Loomis,

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Rob Zombie made a dark timeline supplement for the Halloween franchise and oh is it trashy. This is my third watch and it's the most I've enjoyed it but I still think it's just okay. It's a film with flashes of brilliance that, in my opinion, tries to do too much and at times feels overly exploitative with limited rewards. Halloween (1978) is among my favorite horror films and I still like some of what Zombie does with the remake... just not all of it.

The first hour of the film adds a bunch of background to Michael's story, complete with more victims. Zombie makes the choice to have Michael live in an abusive family in an impoverished situation which I both love and hate. It's interesting to watch in the way that an off the wall fan fiction can be fun but I'm not sure I like it as the attempted canon for the Michael Myers background. It feels like it undercuts the fear that is induced by not knowing why Michael starts to kill... I like Michael as a mystery more personally even though I had fun.

The second half of the film is a remake of the original Halloween with more nudity and killing. It's grittier, it's more gross, it's scarier although not creepier than the original... but something about it just feels off. For me, it's proof that just adding more doesn't make something better in that it often feels like they are saying "remember Halloween? What if we did that.... to the extreme?" yet that somehow ends up making it more boring. It just feels so uncreative to me and I end up wanting more.... like what we get in Zombie's Halloween 2.

Glad it exists, not my favorite.

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