I Killed My Mother ★★★★

"Fuck you I hate you" "Fuck you back" - Mom and Son...sheds tear.

- Scavenger Hunt 54: boxd.it/3QsyW
Task 4. Watch a movie where the protagonist has a strong attachment to their mother figure. (12/30 Completed)

I want that pink sweater with the black bow ties and tassels because I would fucking rock that sweater.

Xaviar Dolan makes me wish that I had a more complicated relationship with my mom. In I Killed My Mother, a teenage boy hates his mom, or does he, he kind of does, but maybe not really, but he does... OR does he? You know how it goes. It's pretty amazing that Xavier Dolan made the film around the age I was proud of myself for doing my laundry on my own but here we are. The messages are heartbreaking here because raising a child is heartbreaking and being a child is heartbreaking. You can see in the shot composition all of the potential that Dolan will bring to future projects.

This is a recommend.

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