It's Such a Beautiful Day

It's Such a Beautiful Day ★★

"Bill picked up his new medication, went home, and masturbated for seven hours. " -Narrator,

Respectfully, I found everything about this unappealing. I say respectfully because I have nothing specific against the movie and if it is important to people then I say yes to that. Watch this movie, love it, let it heal you... more power to you. I just found everything from the animation style to the narrator's voice to the way the music was used off-putting. Sometimes this happens, at some level I get why it's rated 4.3 but damn if this film didn't make me feel uncomfortable I found it so lacking in engagement. It didn't feel like a cohesive project to me. Dark humor should still be funny right?

I just couldn't get into the ramblings from a depressed and pretentious mind. And it's not because I don't understand mental illness. I do. I've got demons that are older than half the people that will read this review but just seeing the feeling of mental illness replicated somewhat well didn't necessarily translate into a good experience for me.

Sorry, good for all of you though.

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