Lifeforce ★★★

"Patrick Stewart Money" - Conner4Real (nif)

- Daily Horror Hunt #23 (14/31):

More action, less talking please?

Space vampires... we've got space vampires everyone. A space mission to examine Halley's Comet accidentally brings back an alien species of life sucking vampires that need to be stopped. The lead vampire is a pretty naked lady who can shapeshift and oh boy do these dark beings wreak havoc on London. Lifeforce is a pretty fun film with some boring patches and a need for a slightly more compelling lead.

The special effects are practical magic and one of the strengths of a good science fiction horror. These people look like they are getting the life drained out of them or have had the life drained out of them. The movement is fluid and the body horror is fun. The acting is good but there are no real characters that stand out for you to latch onto which makes it easy to zone out during some of the longer patches.

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