Ma ★★★½

"Sounds like someone is jealous of Sue Ann," - Ma,

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- Daily Horror Hunt #11 (May 2019)
Day 29: "Ma is out, watch Ma or another Blumhouse film"

Instant... horror... classic... kind of...not really but it’s fun and I loved it! 

I'm sure it was the same for many of you. We sat in a theater waiting for a movie and a trailer for Ma came on and we watched and we collectively went "hmmm... that looks like trash and I want to watch it as soon as is humanly possible." Ma is out ya'll and it's great! Well, I mean it's Ma!

In Ma, some ungrateful douchey teens talk a woman into buying alcohol for them, go back to her house and party, and then for some reason these kids don't want to exclusively hang out with and be best friends with her for the rest of her life... Ma ain't having it ya'll and the trailer did reveal the basic structure but there is still a lot to love about the execution and a lot of stuff I didn't expect. I'm a big fan of tabloid-y horror so when you add multiple academy award winners and nominees (3 total) this becomes my world really quickly.

I like a movie where a super talented actress gets a role to go nuts in. I'm talking Frank Langella in Masters of the Universe, Michael Sheen in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Sean Connery in Highlander 2: The Quickening, John Voight in Anaconda and Nicolas Cage in 75% of his films. I now add Octavia Spencer to the long list of great actors that made a silly film fun. The teens look like real teens for once and are all interesting enough and Juliet Lewis is great as the mom.

Movies like this make Ohio seem awesome!!!!! Honestly I really love this as a fun horror film. My crowd expressed a lot of laughter, "what the fucks," and a man yelled "oh noooooo" once. It's a ball.

P.S. Don't bully kids. SERIOUSLY DON'T!

P.P.S. Get ready for a bunch of reviews where people just tell you want they wanted this movie to be instead of actually reviewing the film.

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