Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International ★★½

“I’m pretty much open for anything” -Agent M,

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There is a part where a snake jumps at you the POV and I watched this in 3D, and I legit jumped. I'm not claiming it's a great part just confessing.

The charm of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson wills this to watchable. I also enjoyed the first 20 minutes or so which was a no-nonsense rapidly paced start where you learn a bunch of stuff and then it s low e d d o w n a l o t. The Kumail Nanjiani Pawny role does enough to break up some of the dull moments but I felt like I mostly waited for an ending that I knew was coming from the beginning in a film that relies heavily on a whodunnit premise.

I enjoyed the effects and most of the technical aspects of the film. The hive looks far better than I thought they would be based on the trailer (they'd probably be in the top quarter of Marvel villians) but I wish they had been used better.

It's watchable and not rewatchable at all... for me at least... but seriously what the fuck do I know.

P.S. Seahorse bird!

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