Moxie ★★★½

"We're listening. We're here" -Lucy,

- 2021 Ranked:

Feminism... oh my bad sorry let me repeat that... FEMINISM!

I'm a little torn but overall liked it. This movie is really on the nose and screams feminism from the mountain-tops and sometimes that works and makes for an interesting exploration of toxic masculinity and rape culture and sometimes it makes for a super lame after school special vibe. I appreciate the diversity of female characters and the central message of the film is strong, I just wish the film didn't try to do so much. Many of the plot elements feel rushed or unfinished because the writers and editors tried to squeeze six stories into one film. This leads to an ending that is superficially satisfying but ultimately unrealistic and unfulfilling.

Yes to the message, but there are a number of cinematic problems... still definitely worth a watch.