Ne Zha ★★★★

"It's actually pronounced 'nah ja'" - Condescending food clerk at AMC,

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That drool looks like real drool! Damn this animation is so lit and dope I gotta call it dope-lit.

In Ne Zha a superior being splits an orb of sorts into a demon pill and a spirit seed. The spirit seed is supposed to go to a royal family in a small village but it is stolen by a dragon and the royal family gets the demon pill and their baby becomes a piece of shit meanie Ne Zha. Wait, is he a piece of shit? I know he's the devil incarnate but is he a nice young boy? Well, it's complicated, you gotta watch Ne Zha to find out whether nurture is more important than nature. This is a great film with great animation that probably needed slightly better joke writers.

When I say this film has good animation I mean that it is amazing computer animation that is directed exceptionally. There is so much crystal clear water, footprints in the sand, leaves on tree animation porn in this film and I love it. They are really showing off here. In addition, the fight choreography is some of the clearest and interesting I've seen in quite a while. There is a fight scene between three characters in the water early on in the film and it's one of my favorite animated fights now.

The other strength of Ne Zha is excellent storytelling and worldbuilding. Everyone has clear motivations in this movie and that goes such a long way in establishing a captivating film. I really enjoyed each of the worlds that was created because the rules of them were somewhat clear and they were distinct. I should also say that I find the ending to this film to be really wonderful. I do not know if this is based off a specific Chinese Myth but the team creates presents it wonderfully.

I absolutely recommend this movie.

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