Old ★★★½

"I wonder if everyone feels like a kid when they're our age"

- 2021 Ranked: boxd.it/aL2Ys
- Shyamalan Ranked: boxd.it/2qcOy

Beaches... they're fucking dangerous.

Old is an effective movie-going experience. I was entertained, I was engaged, I laughed and got a little creeped out by the concept.... great success. The performances here are pretty weird but I think that was a choice. I wish there was a little more in the script to get you to care about the characters... would just add to the stakes of the film. Also, this isn't exactly Shyamalan's best ending but whatever I enjoyed the ride. The film is undervalued at a 2.8 because people scrutinize M. Night Shyamalan films more closely than their own lives.

Yeah... have fun.

P.S. M.Night making the one black guy a rapper named "Mid-sized Sedan" is an interesting choice.

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