Opera ★★★★½

"I'm exactly like my mother" - Betty, going through a mood
2 Minutes Later
"I'm nothing like my mother!" Betty, going through a mood

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- Daily Horror Hunt #12 (June 2019): boxd.it/2XMsk
Day 19. Yay!! Watch a movie starring Daria Nicolodi (b. June 19, 1950).

Thanks Argento! Now I'm scared of peepholes.

In Opera, "A young opperata is stalked by a deranged fan bent on killing the people associated with her to claim her for himself." I just quoted the description because most of Argento's films have a basic premise and then feel like improvised horror (but good) even though I know that's not exactly how it's done.

This movie looks great. I love how Argento will have muted colors and then all of a sudden a dramatic pop of something bright. Argento continues to hint that he is secretly an eco-terrorist by yet again having animals turn angrily on people, in oustanding fashion. That Raven pov shot is masterful as is the entire third act and final confrontation with the killer. The last scene is the fucked up redo of The Sound of Music I've been wanting my whole life.

I'm liking him more with each film. I highly suggest that people interested in Argento give it a couple of films. His broken story structure takes some getting used to but it sure is worth it once you acclimate. I just wish that one of those Ravens had said "nevermore."

P.S. If my eyes were done up like that I'd flip my fucking shit and just pass out so this killer can't make me watch nothing.

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