Possessor ★★★★½

"Pull me out" - Tasya,

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A corporation can implant one mind into another and take over a person's actions... but there are complications. Possessor is a creepy and intense sci fi horror from Brandon Cronenberg, son of icon David Cronenberg and it is fantastic. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree because it is obvious that Brandon picked up on his dad's talent for mixing both the gross and beautiful with gore and sex as well as his general slick direction skills. Possessor is one of my favorite films of the year because it is a fantastic premise executed shockingly well.

From the opening scene, which is an extended demonstration of the corporation's power, the viewer gets introduced to a vast new futuristic world with it's own complications. I love the script because it places a very specific, personal story into a larger sci fi universe, the boundaries of which exist only in your imagination. As a whole this is a fantastic script (good job Brandon) with nuance and effective character development. I love how it builds on small details eventually culminating in the glorious shit show which is the end of this film.

As a horror fan I have to say that some of my favorite stuff here is when Cronenberg just goes for it with the gore. This is an unapologetically violent film that touches on certain social taboos about what should be done in movies and I admire it for pushing the boundaries. The effects look great because pretty much everything looks great here. I'm very excited for Brandon Cronenberg's future because he manages to produce some very haunting images. It's a film for adults and I appreciate that.

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