Predators ★★★★

"I didn't think you'd come back." -Edwin,

- Predator Ranked:

This is so much more than a movie where someone fights a predator with a samurai sword... but that shit happens too.

Fifth watch FML! A group of the most tough and menacing people from around Earth are dropped onto a game planet for predators and get hunted for sport. This is an eighties style romp where everyone speaks English, the guns never run out of bullets, and there's no need for exposition... just ass kicking.

Pacing and performances elevate a pedestrian script to an engaging and fun film. People will laugh but I think this movie is a master class in pacing. The first image is someone free falling and it just keeps going from there. The movie does the best job in the predator series of trying to create the feeling of being hunted. In addition, this movie has Adrian Brody, Mahershala Ali, Topher Grace, Walter Goggins, Danny Trejo, and Alice Braga all trying so fuck yes for that.

I think it's the second best predator film so recommend.

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