Princess Mononoke ★★★★

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not" - The Lorax (nif), he speaks for the trees.

- Miyazaki Ranked:

Who would actually win in a fight between a pack of wolves and a shrewdness of apes?

When a prince is attacked by a demon boar he becomes afflicted by the demon. Banished from his society he stumbles upon a town that was created by the destruction of nature and he is in the middle of a battle between nature and industrial evolution. On the side of nature is a partly feral Pincess, named Mononoke. What will the prince, Ashitaka, do and how will things be resolved? This is a great film that at times just bores me a bit, which is why I don't rate it a little higher.

Sometimes I just sit back in awe of what Miyazaki and his whacky group of animators can achieve. The fight scenes in this film are some of the best animation I've ever seen in film. I like that this movie gets dark and is willing to show real pain and suffering (I've avoided Grave of the Fireflies). In addition, the score and overall production of this film is sleek and stylish. It's hard to control something like this but I just don't bond with the story and character as much as I do with some of Miyazaki's other work. While I admire the elements of environmentalism I didn't feel like anything was done with it that was unique or groundbreaking.

General recommend.

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