Raw ★★★★

"You taste disgusting" - Someone to someone.

- Film Club Ranked: boxd.it/3M2sq

Sex is like eating someone... that and other lessons in this week's film club nominee.

In Raw, a vegetarian girl goes to a veterinary school with her sister and experiences hazing and adult life. While there she is forced to eat raw rabbit kidneys. After initial negative reactions, Justine realizes that she has an insatiable desire for raw flesh. This is a highly effective film that fuckw with numerous aspects of femininity and sacrifice and I like it.

This film is so gross and I like that. There is tons of blood and unique body horror and it all works perfectly for the tone the film is attempting to set. The use of color, specifically neons, creates a constant feeling that you are traveling through some sort of weird ghost world, which I really like. Some of the score reminds of Goblin score on Dario Argento films which I mean as high praise. Overall, it's a very well put together film with flashes of brilliance.

General Recommend.

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