Scream 3

Scream 3 ★★★½

"Oh you know the usual small talk. 'What's new?' 'How you been?' 'How do you wanna die?'" - Sidney Prescott,

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This is the one where I root for the killers.

Sidney is in hiding as Stab 3 is being filmed in Hollywood, California. When someone finds Sidney and starts to murder members of the cast of Stab 3, the survivors are drawn back into the scream franchise, ready for a third round of trauma. Lots of jokes about Hollywood and film production ensue. One survivor even comes back from the dead to leave a special clue preparing them for the worst.

This has more kills, more fancy set pieces, more stars, etc. and while I rate it the same as parts 2 and 4 this is probably my least favorite of the series because I don't think the satire has as much interesting to say as the other three do. There is an excellent misdirect which subverts the law of the economy of characters which is smart writing. Having people run through a recreation of the sets from part 1 is inspired and I am excited to see Lance Henriksen always. In addition, this movie features one of the best pre-kill lines in film history.

Yes, watch it, they are all awesome.

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