Sinister ★★★

"Perhaps we should do something a little... sinister?" - Noone,

That's why I don't make family videos. That... and laziness.

Ethan Hawke plays a true crime novelist attempting to write about a family that were hung. While doing research he finds other similar murders and realizes that an ancient pagan god may be involved. This isn't as much of a jump scares movie as it was portrayed to be in the ads, although there are a share of lame jump scares. This is more like a paranormal version of a true crime film like Zodiac.

This is a solid horror flick if you can handle a slower paced story that is half mystery. Ethan Hawke manages to do a lot with a basic character and the film production is above average for this sub-genre. I like that this film plays with suspense and thriller tropes and shows some restraint with the jump scares in the first two acts. THEN the third act hits and it's kind of bizarre and I like that about it.

Fun and serviceable horror mystery.

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