Soul ★★½

"You can't crush a soul here... that's what life on Earth is for" -22,

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It's fine.

I found this to be a fairly predictable and standard story lacking in much creativity visually or in narrative. It is decently executed film but I doubt I'll rewatch it the way that I do certain other Pixar movies. I didn't find Tina Fey's 22 or Jamie Foxx's Joe Gardner to be very interesting characters that were easy to sympathize with and I blame that on the script and general direction of the film. Without getting into spoilers I actually found the ending to undercut the emotional impact the story was going for but I understand why a "kids film" would do that. It's just a little too ordinary to be a classic. It's low to mid-tier Pixar.

Recommended to sentimental adults.

P.S. I'm not the first to mention this but the body of a black man is either dead or controlled by a white woman for the vast majority of this film... It's an interesting choice for a company that already has a history of sucking at representation for minorities. Like it didn't impact my score but damn Disney, let's get a black star that doesn't turn into something next time.

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