Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

"There's nothing tragic about being fifty, not unless you're trying to be twenty-five" - Joe Gillis,

- Unspooled- AFI 100 Rewatch/
- Scavenger Hunt #50: (6/31 complete)
Task 15: Watch a film that was mentioned in the show Gilmore Girls.

Was that a real chimpanzee and is that where Michael Jackson got the idea for Bubbles?

Sunset Boulevard is still a mind-fuck in 2019 because Billy Wilder is one of the best script-writers ever, Norma Desmond is one of the most interesting characters ever, Gloria Swanson gave one of the best performances ever, and the ending is one of the most iconic ever. So just do that if you want to make a classic film.

Watch it. It's more watchable and delightful than you might realize.

P.S. Hog-eye the electrician appearing in the rafters in this movie is more interesting than when Hawk-eye, the emo-assassin, appears in the rafters during The Avengers (2012)

P.P.S. When people whine about how the movie industry sucks now or how this studio or that studio is ruining Hollywood I just picture old Norma Desmond hiding away in her big house, pouting about how talkies destroyed cinema.

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