Tenet ★★½

"This whole operation is a temporal pisser" -Neil,

- 2020 Ranked: boxd.it/4zdAI
- Christopher Nolan Ranked: boxd.it/5gywe

I coughed in the cinema once and people looked at me like I had just thrown a baby down the stairs.

I normally like Nolan films but I did not like this. Perhaps it's the weird fetishization of time or the strange direction of the actors to just speak dialogue instead of acting. John David Washington has to say his lines so quickly because there is so much convoluted shit in this movie and it is already 2 and a half hours. I don't know I think it was a combination of things but I found this to be a dense piece of shit not worth understanding because when it all comes together in the last few minutes I kind of just thought... "oh...that's it."

BWOM!!!!!!! This movie is so loud. The whole film feels like footage shot for a trailer. You could literally piece together any variety of 2 second clips from the movie and take almost any line and layer it over the footage and you would have a valid trailer for this film. Every line is equally self-important and fucking pointless and the action is fine but not spectacular enough to be in a film with this degree of hype. Some people are really going to love this... I'm not one of them primarily because I couldn't connect to the characters or the story... it just felt like it happened to me.

I really feel bad for all the girls who are going to have this explained to them by a boy in the coming weeks.

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