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This review may contain spoilers.

"I realize now that her being a woman will prevent her from ever becoming a man" - Sensei,

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I think this is better on second watch. As a comedy I was anticipating some of the parts that I liked and I noticed subtle details I didn't notice the first time. This is one of my favorite films of the year so far. A few observations:

(1) When the doctor says that he can't explain it but he's sure the dog was punched but the pattern is consistent with a foot I laughed really hard.

(2) Alessandro Nivola could get a best supporting actor nod for the sensei role and I wouldn't blink. What he has to pull off is ridiculous and he somehow does it. When he talks about the dog not being masculine it makes me laugh and angry at the same time. I just think he does a great job.

(3) I like how deconstructed the world is around them. The dog food is just "dog food, the bar they go to is just "bar," the men's magazine is just the male symbol. I noticed more of that the second time, down to the personalities of some of the supporting cast.

(4) When he gets the belts for everyone, I know that's supposed to be lame but I kind of got it, I wanted one of those belts.

(5) I love the way this film ends.

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